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26 September 2006 @ 07:59 pm
Fruits Basket/ Sohma Akito, Sohma Shigure/ Light of Fireflies  
Title: Light of Fireflies
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Characters: Sohma Akito/Sohma Shigure
Prompt: 058. Graveyard
Word Count: 9,124
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Things are about to change drastically for Akito; therefore, they will change for everyone else. Shigure wonders if they are ready for it.
Author's Notes: Spoilers for the whole series.

Fireflies, in Japanese society, have been used as a metaphor for love in poetry; their lights are also thought to be an altered form of the souls of soldiers who have died in war.

Hotaru no Hikari (The Light of the Firefly) is popular Japanese song often sang when bidding farewell to one another. (About dot com)

Light of Fireflies